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December 7th, 6:50pm]
 he showed up at my front door with a rose. :0) <333
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November 6th, 9:11pm]
 since september ive pretty much locked myself in the house and acquired some type of cabin feaver, i think. im going nuts. i seriously think im going nuts. i spent 4 hours sunday night cleaning my room. FOUR HOURS! im insane. i really am insane. 

 im goin on a cruise in 10 days and im so excited. i think its about time for something exciting to happen for me. we'll be hitting up Cozumel Mexico, Belize, Roatan Island Honduras, and Freeport Bahamas.Kickass. Im going to be drunk the whole time. ha its going to be SAWEEEET.
oh God, please let it be sweet.
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October 30th, 8:29pm]
 im in love with an airman. and there are 51 days until i get to show him how much i love him, not that i havent already, but six monthsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss of not being able to do that.. thats long.. i love him i love him i love him! bryan, i love you. :0)

i feel good.
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September 25th, 8:45am]

i miss bryan soooo badly. i get to talk to him everyday, but its not the same as having him HERE beside me. im like depressed. our cruise to mexico in november will probably recover me a little bit. i know im gonna get drunk everynight at the cozumel bars! ha


i want bryan to come home.

i want to quit working at the bank.

i want to quit school.


but i gotta keep goin. ......dammit.

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September 9th, 5:49pm]
 I just got home from seeing Bryan in Texas. I am so proud of him, he is the most amazing person on the face of this earth and he's been through a tremendous amount of discipline for the past six weeks. I tell you what, I have the utmost respect for that boy, not that I didn't before, but especially right now. The Military is something else. So many rules and restrictions. This weekend, even if we were only able to hold hands and sneak a couple kisses, it was worth every second.

It's probably hard to understand unless you've had someone close graduate and know and see where they were and what they did. I just can't express how much I love and appreciate Bryan. He completes me.

Now I just have to count down until Christmas when he gets to come home. We both can't wait.
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September 1st, 9:15pm]
 Bryan got to call me today. Four more days!!!! I'm soooo excited and I'm so proud of him. Thursday I'm flying out to San Antonio then I'll get to spend Friday and Saturday and possibly half of Sunday with him hehehe <3333
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August 31st, 6:47pm]
i mean i lost fifteen pounds in one month... hahaha my bad.... still high fives.
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August 26th, 11:23am]
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August 15th, 11:36pm]
ive never been so lonely.
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August 8th, 1:44am]
ok im really drunk and im really depressed. but i am so in love with a boy named bryan trivison. he is the one and only never any others. i love this boy so much its killing me that he is in texas until september. i love love love love him i freakin love him. he callled me tonight and all the hurt that i felt the last few hours that i saw him all came back and im depressed. i miss him so freakin much and i jhust want to be in his arms and i want himn tio hold me and kiss me and be making love. i miss that boy so much its only been two weeks and im dyin over here. he means the world to me and i cant stand for him to be away from me. the day i see him will be the happiest day of my life. he is my everything, the element that makes me smile, everything that makes me me andhappy and feel right. im a different person now that hes gone. when hes here ill be that person again. i love him and he loves me and i wish he wasnt in ffreakin Texas i miss his freakin ass and i want him and i love him and i need him and im depressed and lonely and im here for him waiting until the moment that i get to see his sweet face. theres nota day that i dont thnk about he and i and all the things wee do.

i love lovel love love him. and i alwayts will. forever
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